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MOTUS is a contemporary ballet work boldly fusing the concert music of DAM lead composer and Juilliard graduate, Matthew Kajcienski, with 7 accomplished EM artists. The work crafts together hot-button topics of autonomy, genetics, and society into a provocative story exploring the dynamic relationship between the acoustic and electronic mediums. MOTUS will be released in spring of 2017 (in 3D Audio), and will also feature DJ remixes of several movements.


In fall of 2015, DAM had the pleasure of creating the new ABC Network Branding/ID package, featuring vocal, band, and orchestra. The success of the branding music prompted an unusual turn in creative order. Rather than using an existing song to then create a network ID, ABC decided to take the branding ID hook and commission a song single for release. The release is scheduled for fall 2016 launch.


Introducing spring board tracks

DAM has 2 main attributes that set it apart from others. One is its concert music background, and the other is its link to the EM/DJ world. When access to literally millions of licensable tracks is readily available, we asked ourselves what we could bring to the table. The answer was creating a licensing company that heavily promoted collaboration between these two seemingly opposite worlds.

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Founded by internationally recognized faculty and graduates from the famed Juilliard School, DreamArtists Music is an innovative music branding entity encompassing original composition, cutting edge technology, and high-end production values. We continually look for ways to push ourselves beyond music production, and invent unique and compelling projects that focus on music as a constantly evolving art form.

DreamArtists has created some of today’s most aired network themes and branding music, paired with a reputation for artistry, imaginative approach, and the ability to evoke powerful emotion through music. Our theme music includes ABC’s Good Morning America, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the ABC Election Music, the 2015-16 Oscars Opening Ceremony Theme, 20/20, Would You Fall For That?, The Lookout, and others. Branding/Commercial music clients have included Siemens, Coke, Wii, IBM, American Express, and more. Our endeavors range from the groundbreaking contemporary concert/EM ballet MOTUS, to DJ performances with live musicians. Our excitement and passion for music is contagious!

Our work includes television themes and advertising music for some of today’s most recognized brands.

“Give me a laundry list and I’ll set it to music.”

Rossini, 19th-century opera composer

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From electronic to full orchestra, DAM is highly experienced in creating some of today’s most aired network TV themes, ID’s, branding, and commercials. We work with clients in close artistic collaboration, and feel that creating the right music for a project is more than just an exchange of files.

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DAM constantly looks for ways to create beyond the world of production music. Our endless attraction towards unusual projects, and collaborations that travel across styles and mediums, fuels our artistic passion. From our EM/Contemporary Concert Ballet, to live events, we are constantly finding new and interesting ways to work with clients.


SpringBoard Tracks

DAM has 2 main attributes that set it apart from others. One is our strong contemporary concert music background (founded by graduates of the famed Juilliard School), and the other is our strong relationship with the EM/DJ world. Although access to literally millions of licensable tracks is readily available, we knew we had to somehow create a distinct sounding library. The result was SpringBoard Tracks; our new music licensing entity focused on collaborations within these two seemingly opposite styles.

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